Our team is made up of

Operators & Growth Strategists

We're a small, scrappy  team with deep e-commerce, technology, & marketing experience.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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Find Work

We're made of self starters. E-commerce is a business of creation, and we prioritize team members who find work and create value.

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Be Curious

Curiosity is at the heart of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs are who we partner with. The e-commerce tech and marketing landscape changes daily, so those who aren't curious will be left far behind.

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Embrace Candor

Relationships die in the dark, and we thrive on healthy relationships. With our team and with our clients, we strive for openness and honesty. No time for beating around the bush or being hurtful, but honesty is a game changer for a thriving culture.

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Follow Through

Too many good ideas die for lack of execution. Strategy is essential, but e-commerce businesses often live and die by execution. We prioritize execution and following through on ideas, plans, and projects, and if you don't follow through, you're not a great fit for us.

Our Team

A Dedicated Growth Team